Lovely surprise today🎈I hadn't seen my patient in about 5 months but today they came strolling in to the office looking fit, calm, and confident.

At some point, they had decided to commit to making healthy lifestyle changes: a regular bedtime, minimizing screen time, getting up early to enjoy the sunrise, eating healthy, putting positive effort into cultivating nurturing relationships, and tackling work tasks with awareness.

Clinically, this bit of effort in a short time translated to 17 lbs of weight lost, a 5% decrease in body fat, improvement in allergy symptoms, decrease in back pain, and resolution of acne.

Nothing better than to see patients connect the dots and start to plot their own journeys to better health! Even better when they decide to do it all on their own.

J Tsai
Monday Morning Car Trouble

Received message from patient: "Just smashed my finger in my car door and ripped off a chunk of skin."  I told patient to come right in. 

20 minutes later, we had determined no stitches or nail repair was needed and just some ice and bandage dressing would take care of it.  To be sure nothing was broken, I sent the patient for an xray. 

An hour later, I had reviewed the xray (no fracture) and patient was already home resting.

J Tsai
Sunday Afternoon Splinter

Came in to the office on Sunday afternoon to see a 2 year old boy with a splinter in his finger.

Mom had messaged me asking if there was something she could try to get it out.  I asked her to send me a picture - yep, looks like a splinter (why does something so small have to hurt so much).

Told them I would meet them in the office in 20 minutes.

With Curious George on the TV, I was able to quickly remove the splinter with minimal tears.  A quick and successful procedure is always so satisfying!

But the most satisfying was that my daughter got to tag along today as my "helper" - so, she got to bring out the treasure chest at the end.

J Tsai
Friday Evening "Migraine"

Came into the office after dinner to see a patient for migraine that had been building over the past few days but had today become much worse,  causing nausea, light sensitivity, and 9/10 pain.

I had messaged some advice beforehand to try some acupressure massage at home, which appeared to have mostly relieved the nausea.  Pain in the neck and shoulders were still intense with the headache both dull and throbbing.

We agreed to try acupuncture first before any medications.  After getting the needles in, I worked on the neck and shoulder muscles.  We were able to not only release the muscles but the range of motion improved significantly.  And eventually the headache released as well.

We were able to avoid using any additional medications, though I did send her home with some Zofran should the nausea return.

Messaged patient on Monday morning and received reply: "I feel so much better!  My shoulders feel more relaxed right now than they have in a while."

An acute exacerbation of a chronic problem, so we will continue to work on it...

J Tsai
Wednesday Afternoon "Review Labs"

Scheduled a patient to drop in on a Wednesday afternoon to review labs.  We could have done it over the phone but patient preferred to come in.

Spent 10 minutes reviewing lab results.

Then we sat down and chatted for the next hour and a half about the body's nervous and hormonal systems, the differences between Chinese and Western medicine, learning to cook, local farmer's markets, seasonal cooking/eating, whole animal butchery, and the French Paradox.

J Tsai
Daily Blood Pressure

My "most reliable" patient has been checking and logging their blood pressure daily for over a year.

Thanks to Twine Health, I can see the blood pressure readings in real-time and for the past few days I notice the numbers have been trending up. 

So I message: "BP?"

Reply: "Not sure.  Should normalize in a few days.  I notice when I get stressed, it takes a few days for my numbers to trend down even though the stressor is gone."

Yep, few days later blood pressure readings back down.

My reply: "Cool."

J Tsai