A Lifestyle Medicine approach to Integrative Primary Care


Our Philosophy

We offer all the services you expect from a primary care practice, from comprehensive annual exams to urgent visits for sudden health concerns. When treating illness, we look for the most natural options first and then to conventional Western medicine when necessary.

We understand healing comes in many forms and believe finding a balance between healing modalities offers the most effective strategy for optimizing your health and wellness. We offer acupuncture, health coaching, nutrition consults, and nutraceutical recommendations as part of our membership program.

We believe nutrition, movement, stress management, quality sleep, and healthy relationships are fundamental to optimal health. Our Lifestyle Medicine approach means that during office visits we take the time to learn about your life and the way you live it, in order to help you stay healthy or make changes to feel healthier.

Our Practice

We practice using a collaborative care model with a focus on treating the whole person and whole family. We believe a trusting and ongoing doctor-patient relationship based on mutual respect is simply good health care. Our goal is to work together with you as a partner on your journey to optimal health.

Unlike a typical primary care practice where a physician has between 2,500 - 3,500 patients, Dr. Johnny will limit his practice to no more than 500 patients. This means he can spend the time necessary to know you and to understand your health goals, as well as having the time to think and proactively research your treatment and wellness plan.

The Meaning of Direct Primary Care


#1 We've minimized the barriers to getting seen and being heard

  • that's why we offer same day or next day appointments with little or no waiting, and without a limit on number of visits

  • that's why we offer long appointments, including evenings and weekends

  • that's why we offer Spruce Health for easy communications, as well as texts and email

  • and that's why we make ourselves available when urgent needs arise

#2 We don't work for insurance, instead we work directly for our patients

  • that's why our sole source of income is through membership fees

  • that's why we are happy to pass on discounted pricing for medications, labs, radiology, etc.

  • that's why we maintain simple pricing and price transparency, and prefer to work with other providers who do the same

  • and that's why we plan to cap our patient numbers so that we don't compromise and dilute the attention and care we are able to provide

#3 We practice very differently than others because we understand healing takes time, and more importantly, patience on all sides

  • that's why we want to spend the time to know you and your family on a long-term, ongoing basis

  • that's why we don't write you a prescription or recommend a treatment plan without you understanding it

  • that's why we expect and encourage you to ask questions

  • that's why we are open to all forms of medical healing practices, because good results don't always come from the same actions

  • and that's why we depend on you, our patients to let us know what is, and isn't, working